2007 adult pics

Bear Fiction

What's your favorite online bear fiction story? It can be on Nifty or some other site. I'm looking for something bearish with science fiction overtones rather than fantasy.
2007 adult pics

Online video series

I've been exploring some YouTube channels and downloadable video podcasts as an attempt to get more use out of the iPad.

What YouTube channels should I be watching?
What xtube channels should I be watching?
What podcasts should I be watching? I'm currently getting TWIT, iPad Today, Framerate and Bearpodcast as video. Lots more geeky than bear.

Is there a site for videos with more sexual content than YouTube allows, but not flat out porn or even softcore porn? I'm looking for Showtime/HBO balance of story and nudity, but more gay/bear focused. While I'm digging TwoJasperJohns, I'd like something with a little more skin showing. Naked vlogs? I knew someone doing a naked vlog once upon a time, but hadn't looked lately.
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Carbon Leaf concert 10/27/2011

Carbon Leaf returned to Dallas night touring with Austin band Alpha Rev. They were touring to promote their 3 disc greatest hits/acoustic concert recording "Live, Acoustic... and in Cinemascope." I had never been to "The Prophet" bar in Deep Ellum. It was a smaller venue than I'd seen them in before as well as a smaller crowd. Also, the Texas Ranger game was on the bar's TV, so the bands were having to compete with World Series action. Oddly enough, some decisive plays occured at the end of songs for both Carbon Leaf and Alpha Rev giving them a weird moment of cheers and applause. At one point, during Alpha Rev's set, there were less than a dozen people paying attention to the band, so the band kind of turned their backs on the room and did an impromptu instrumental jam session. A fan climbed up on stage to exhort the patrons to give the band some love. By the time Alpha Rev started on their most well-known song "New Morning," more people had gathered at the stage, so I have to give them kudos for sticking it out.

There were several suprising moments for me. The opening act wasn't Nic Cowan as billed, but some local with a nice voice and guitar skills named Joseph Veazie. He sang 2 original songs that were competent but not memorable and a faithful cover of Weezer's "Say It Ain't So." There were about a dozen children in the bar with parents. The band acknowledged the 'all ages' event, but didn't really cater to it. Carbon Leaf did 4 or 5 songs on the Curious George 2 soundtrack including all new verses to "Let Your Troubles Roll By." I expected them do the Curious George version of Troubles or even an extended version with both sets of verses, but they just performed their original version with more fluorishes than I'd seen them do before. Their setlist was pretty much their best songs from the last 15 years. I was surprised by the lack of tracks from "Love Loss Hope Repeat" as that album has grown on me almost as much as "Indian Summer."
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One Nation, Under Wear

I hadn't done this meme before even though bearpawly has pitched it several years now. This is the first year I had red underwear and was inspired to present my
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If anyone with better photoshop skills would like to improve on the theme, let me know and I can send you the 3 or 4 originals (I have a pic of the wall by itself).
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Day 06 - A picture of a person you’d love to trade places with for a day

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I frequently want to trade bodies with Harry for multiple reasons. The most persistent reason is his form of blindness. Sometimes I understand what he sees or doesn't see and then he'll go and comment on a detail I didn't expect him to notice. I think it would help if someone who had previously experienced normal vision to be able to see what he sees so that better corrective measures can be made.
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Ask Me Anything answers

alberttwa1 asks "What is Harry's favorite dish that you make? And, what is your favorite dish that he makes for you?" I've kind of struggled with this. His favorite dish that I make seems fairly obvious. I have a layered dessert I created called "BananaBerry Bliss" that I usually make about once a year for some special event. A lot of his better dishes are not much more than a seasoning packet or a jar of sauce added to some basic staple, so I didn't really want to suggest one of those. When I was writing this entry and used the phrase "once a year," it made me think of his "once a year" dessert which is homemade ice cream from "his grandmother's recipe." It's quite rich and we most often have it to top off the day on the 4th of July.
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March questions

I've done the "ask me anything" meme a couple of times and usually only get a handful of questions. I'm happy to answer again. This post is screened, so feel free to ask your questions in reply. If you want to remain anonymous when I answer, please let me know, otherwise, I'll mention you when I answer.

bearpawly asked some questions on his journal and I'm going to answer a few of them.

1.) What was your most memorable childhood toy?

The one I remember the most was an electronic handheld device called Merlin. I remember that the Music Machine game's notes matched touch-tone phones, so any "song" you could play on a touch-tone phone, you could get Merlin to play back for you. I played all the games, but I had the most fun with "Magic Square" and "Mindbender." One of things that made it so memorable was that I had to earn it. I had a deal with my mom that I could get it if I lost 20 pounds. I don't recall if I actually lost the 20 pounds, but I had to work on it before I got the game.

2.)</b> What (event/object/place/person/circumstance) sparks your creativity?

Usually, I get inspiration from noticing a need not being met. Most often, it's an internal/mental need, but that's led to a lot of my short-lived projects like the Moment of Minutia and other podcasts. They were satisfying to me when I created them

5.) What are three of your pet peeves?

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone uses the term "irregardless." I had a college instructor one time that used it way too often. I left a cute little anonymous note about it one day. Nowadays, I'm likely to retort "irregardless is irredundant," hoping the offender realizes that "irredundant" makes as much sense as "irregardless."

A recent peeve of mine has been the development of the "Gold Peak Variety Tea Tower." I don't like iced tea made from concentrate and this multi-flavored tea dispenser disguised as a brewed tea urn doesn't sit well with me. I see people raving about the Gold Peak tea, but it tastes like Nestea instant tea to me.

I'm sure I have a 3rd pet peeve, but it's not jumping out saying "pick me, pick me" at the moment.

6.) When you are given a compliment do you usually acknowledge it or suggest that you really do not deserve it?

I've gotten better about accepting compliments. I'm not modest about accepting compliments on my skills or intelligence, but I can be when it comes to my appearance. Blanket statements like "you're so hot" usually at least get a raised eyebrow of skepticism if not a more definite denial. A specific compliment, such as "You have great hair" is easier to accept

7.) What celebrity or famous person(s) have you been told you look like?

I frequently get George Lucas, so frequently that it was one of my Halloween choices last year. Most recently, someone said I looked like the Brazilian "David Letterman" Jô Soares.
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Pictures Meme Day 03

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I really enjoy "The Big Bang Theory" although Sheldon is a little too much sometimes. I like the science and math accurate jokes and a lot of the comic book and sci fi references. Harry says he can always tell that's what I'm watching because I'm laughing so loud he can hear me at the other end of the house.
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